Supplies 4 GIs

We can add letters received from soldiers and their families with packages which can include photos.

 I wanted to let you know that your care packages arrived to my Platoon!  A little late for Christmas, but please do not worry about that because any time the Soldiers receive a care package that a group of people took the time to prepare is greatly appreciated.   It is so important that the Soldiers get a small dose of home every now and then, and I am grateful that there are groups like yours supporting my Platoon and others across the armed forces.  
Please see the attached photos of some of myself and my Soldiers, and know that your gifts were well received by all.  
Thank you again, and happy holidays!  We hope all is well with you and yours.
God bless.

LT Macocha

Hello my name is PFC Grant Granath

I was a reciver if 8 care packages from you guys and I wanted to say I shared the packages with all the soldiers I know! In your letter you asked what my duty’s are. Well there’s a long list I’m a 11B a infantrymen I am in the 2nd Calvary regiment in Vilseck Germany I am 19 years old and planning out my young life. I love the army and I love my country I am from Winfield IN I went to Boone Grove high school in Valparaiso/Hebron IN I do not have any kids but am planning a marriage after my deployment to Poland coming up soon! But thank you for the wonderful thoughtful gifts and have a very merry Christmas and I would love addresses for the school children and class rooms that sent those wonderful letters to thank them for everything on the behalf of the infantry in Germany! Have a wonderful day! 
Sincerely, PFC Granath U.S. ARMY 

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am SGT Meghan Hall, the Disbursing Manager  here at the Camp Arifjan Finance Office. Yesterday I received dozens of care packages from your organization for the soldiers currently deployed to this location. My soldiers and I couldn't be more grateful to you for such selfless generosity and caring! Each package was a reminder of how important our mission truly is, as they helped to remind us why we put our boots on every morning. It's to preserve the American liberties and protect its citizens. The ones back home who love and support us, even if they don't always understand what it is we do. The fact that they acknowledge we do it for them means more than you may know.
It hasn't always been easy and I truly hate spending so much time away from my children but I have a strong support system of family (and close friends who have turned into family) that help make it work. It takes a small army to make it possible for me to wear my boots every day and it is that silent force behind the fight, the people and organizations like you and Supplies4GiS, that support service members with selfless acts of kindness, that enable troops to continue to make the sacrifices we do in order to serve. 

My soldiers and I are all writing thank you notes to the children and mailing them to their schools along with pictures of our unit so that they can actually see that their efforts and support are very much appreciated and bring smiles to our troops.  Thank you again for your dedication to our troops and continued support!