Supplies 4 GIs

 Over the years, Supplies for GI's has received some press on our honorable deeds. Below are some of the articles that have been published. 


Airman returns the favor

 ARTICLE: VALPARAISO | When Air Force Senior Airman Natalie Raila received a care package in the mail, she sifted through the candy, books and Frisbees to find what she really wanted -- a new toothbrush and a Rice Krispie Treats 

Supplies for GI's still needed

 ARTICLE: PORTER COUNTY | There's still time to help the men and women who are serving overseas. The Porter County Pilots Association has a group called "Supplies for the GIs" and they collect and ship care packages to the soldiers who are serving overseas 


Every year Cherie Cope is invited to speak at the American Legion Post 502  9/11 remembrance and each year they present her with a check to help with postage and supplies to be sent.

In addition, there have been multiple articles printed in the Post-Tribune related to our organization packaging supplies up for the GI's.  These articles are not available for online viewing through the publisher, however they are available here:

 A day of thanks - for our GIs

A Grateful Marine

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO INVITE CHERIE TO SPEAK AT YOUR GROUP FUNCTION PLEASE EMAIL CCOPE60@HOTMAIL.COM or (put supplies4gis in the subject line) OR CALL 219-718-8385 or 708-334-2657